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Testimonials are most noteworthy to us because they have been acquired over almost the last 30 years.  In addition we also have hundreds more Gypsy Rose Testimonials on file that is too many to display on line at once!. As a result we have chosen on this run, the Gypsy Rose testimonials that vary in the content they are covering.

Most of all, we value all Gypsy Rose testimonials the same and also appreciate all the testimonials we have that aren’t shown here. Hence, on line we do circulate testimonials  around, and furthermore we value your privacy.  Another reason why we only need your first name , date and general location.

In conclusion we also have a  valued hard copy Gypsy Rose testimonials folder for keepsake. Therefore please continue to provide us with your  testimonials….We love receiving every single one them!

Christina 3.9.20
Thank you for your products, I recently purchased them from Ms flannerys and I’m so grateful. I had such a struggle with my scalp it caused me lot’s of sadness and stress Well not anymore 😁🙏❤
Laura D. 3.6.21
“Awesome products, easy ordering, and the lovely oil sample has made my every day since I got it. It was a pass the parcel to unwrap but that made for much joy, well done, love your work.”
RO 6.9.20
.”Website is simple to use. I easily found everything l wanted, and the cat will benefit as well. He has rough coarse fur. I’ve used these products before, some time ago. Have recently redeveloped eye sensitivity to commercial products, so I’m going back to yours.  “
Dot Victoria 25.8.20
“Hey Karen, how nice it was to talk to you yesterday, it gives the customer an insight into what you and your company are about. Your customer service is great and your call yesterday showed that you do keep your customer’s best interest at heart. So is there any way your company can improve “NO” …
Sharon Adams
I absolutely love these products and have used them for many years. I like that I can buy them online with no fuss and they arrive in a timely manner and well packaged.
Gypsy Rose
Rachelle Mackay
Best shampoo I have ever used” thanks Karen for creating such a wonderful product. I have been using the lavender shampoo for 6 months and my scalp is completely free from dandruff for the first time in my life! Also my hair is very shiny and not frizzy anymore and I don’t even need a …
Gypsy Rose
Lyndell Hammond, Victoria
“I have been very well looked after with excellent service and speedy delivery from Gypsy Rose. The products themselves have so far proven to be brilliant. I have significant chemical allergies and have suffered with terrible skin conditions from use of standard shampoos for years. Gypsy Rose shampoo, body wash and soap have caused no …
Gypsy Rose
Christine, Boonah
From dull and sparse to glossy and fuller. I met you at my local Wray Organic Shop  and you reccommended the ‘2 in 1 Rosemary shampoo’ for my lifeless, sparse, dull hair. It was that way due to decades of a long underactive thyroid. So Much of my hair had fallen out. Now, my hair …
Gypsy Rose
Christie, Cairns
I am in love with your Top-To-Toe body product. My elbows love it, my feet love it, my lips love it and it smells devine! and Im super happy to have finally foumd a totally natural shampoo that doesnt make my hair crappy and fluffy, and its worth its money. Thank you so much for …
Gypsy Rose
Tayla, Brisbane
I would just like to say thank you so, so much for creating such an amazing product. I switched to a chemical free natural shampoo bar about 5 months ago and it made my hair super oily, dry at the ends, lifeless and straight (I have naturally curly hair). Then I found your shampoo at …
Gypsy Rose
Kim, Proserpine Q
A friend introduced me to Gypsy Rose products 3 years ago and that is all I have been using on my hair since, It is manageable, no more frizz, the hairspray is amazing, I love the fresh citrus fragrance. Thankyou for beautiful natural safe products!
Gypsy Rose
Gena , Bracken Ridge Q
I have recently started using your hair products and I find them to be absolutely amazing, so much so I shall be buying them for christmas presents for freinds and family. In all my years of using natural products I have never come across anything so wonderful….congratulations for what you have acheived, you have changed …
Gypsy Rose
Alison , Blackall Range Q
THANKS to the beautiful gypsy who gave me a free shampoo sample at Mrs Flannerys (Maroocydore). As she promised I saw results after 2 uses, on my thinning grey hair. Im now using the rosemary shampoo and the hairspray and can really note the difference. Good on you girl!
Gypsy Rose
Jo-Ann , Brisbane Q
I am so thankful to have discovered your Rosemary shampoo. I bought the bottle from a health food store because of it’s impressively natural list of ingredients. My expectations weren’t high but i was happy to give it a go. I cannot reccomend this product highly enough, it is beautiful. I’d like to quote from …
Gypsy Rose
Brenda , Maleny Q
I have been using your two in one shampoo (Lavender)for 18 months now and i have to tell you its just fantastic-it takes a little while too get use to as it doesnt foam up like commercial brands but its so invigorating on the scalp and leaves my hair and scalp feeling fabulous. I work …
Gypsy Rose
Cristl , Manly Brisbane Q
I have been using Top to Toe for 2 months and I love it. I rub it into my bare nails at night and they have never looked healthier. An unexpectedbonus of T 2 T was – after rubbing it on a patch of solar keratosis on my upper lip for 4 weeks it has …
Gypsy Rose
Caroline , Sunshine Coast Q
Your shampoo is completely AMAZING. I absolutely love it! I first found it when my mum brought home a couple of samples and I loved them so much…they did wonders to my hair that no other shampoo had ever done before. I then searched everywhere for your shampoo and couldnt find it ANYWHERE,I was so …
Gypsy Rose
Karen , Gunalda Q
I am so thrilled with Gypsy Rose products. I have been using the shampoo for awhile. I had a bad patch of excema on my scalp. The gypsy Rose Shampoo cleared it up in a couple of weeks. When my husband saw this he used it on his beard. He has a full beard and …
Gypsy Rose
Sue, Melbourne VIC
Hi there, just to let you know it’s nice to have found product that actually does what it says it’s going to do. I have used it for the 1st time today and can’t believe it after one use my hair is how I want it. I am throwing all the other products out that …
Gypsy Rose
Lee, Deception Bay
I have long thick wavy dark hair, it always seemed to get really oily very quickly, but seemed dry on the ends, all shampoos just didn’t work after a week. I found Gypsy Rose 2 in 1 shampoo with Rosemary in a local Health Food shop. I’ve been using it for 2 months with stunning …
Gypsy Rose
Domina, Brisbane
Creator of Gypsy Rose-Thank you, thank you, thank you! You gave me a sample of the rosemary 2 in 1 shampoo, a couple of Saturdays ago at ‘Mrs Flannery’s ‘ Taringa. I shaved my hair for cancer last year, because I wanted to do something , instead of watching my friends die. This event opened …
Gypsy Rose
Karen, Clear Mountain
I have suffered from psoraisis for many years and have tried many,many different shampoos which were sold as treatments. Nothing worked. It took a few weeks for my scalp to get the full benefit from the Rosemary 2-in-1 shampoo but now it is great for both my hair and scalp. I don’t need to wash every …
Gypsy Rose
Louise, Theebine
I use the whole range”Gypsy Rose”- and love it all-really enjoying the new product ” All Rounder Body Top to toe” and look forward to more new  multipurpose products.The shampoo is great for my scalp and gives my fine hair so much body-I only need to wash 2 times a week and sometimes cheat and …
Gypsy Rose
Robert, Wamuran
I have been using the shampoo for 12 yrs now and I use to have alot of dandruff and would not clear up no matter what iI used and then upon using Gypsy Rose it all cleared up and also twice a year in winter (I had been told that once in your system it …
Gypsy Rose
Erica Lee
To meet someone who has such enthusiasm and who has lifetime commitment to ensuring that the range of products she has developed are chemical free has been an absolute blessing. I’ve found that all the hair and skin products I’ve used not only do their job excellently, but also smell beautiful too. The other bonus …
Gypsy Rose
Lyn, Caboolture
After using conventional hair spray almost every day for many years, I became conscious that it may be quite bad for my lungs. I continued to use the hair spray but held a cloth over my nose and mouth when spraying and then ran into another room so as to avoid breathing it in. Using …
Gypsy Rose
Angie, Wamuran
My fine hair was suffering from years of chemical colouring and blow drying. It was limp in summer, fly-away in winter, with lots of breakage. I started using the Gypsy Rose (Rosemary) shampoo 2 years ago. Now, with chemical colour gone from my hair, it is strong, healthy and has loads of volume. I use …
Gypsy Rose
Nardeen, Currimundi
I call Gypsy Rose All Natural Hair Spray – Magic. I like to use all natural products and Karen Ellis of Scissormagik Salon has made the product by using ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen. The hairspray is also multipurpose. It can be used as hairspray, replace your mouse or gel, aid in …
Gypsy Rose
Penny, Caboolture
Karen’s beautiful presented hair and skin products all contain as many natural ingredients as can be possible. These quality products are made locally by Karen to her specially prepared formulae. I have had the pleasure of knowing Karen for 5 yrs now and can honestly say that her reliability and integrity are matched only by …
Gypsy Rose
Hilary, Wamuran
I’ve been using Gypsy Rose products including the shampoo since the beginning of Karen’s producing it, approx in 1994/95. The shampoo goes a long way, as it is very concentrated so you don’t need to use much. It always gets my hair “ssqueeky clean” and it feels lovely and soft and shiny when dry. I …
Gypsy Rose
Renee, Wamuran
I use the new Rosemary Shampoo – formula approx three times a week. My hair is fine and limp but with this shampoo it has volume and still keeps its smoothness. It is easier to style and maintain with less knots. Also when my head gets itchy from styling products your shampoo stops the itch.
Gypsy Rose
Robyn, Kilcoy
I love the 2 in 1 Shampoo for the amount of body it gives my hair, with a beautiful shine and soft condition. I am very impressed with the growth. I am also very happy with the facial bar as it leaves my skin fresh and soft and clean. The Leave in Shine makes my …
Gypsy Rose
Eileen, Wamuran
I have been using Herbacraft Gypsy Rose products and Scissorcraft services for 5 years and am delighted with the service I receive and the natural and environmentally friendly products used and produced in this salon. I am even more pleased that these products and services are available in my local community as I consider them …
Gypsy Rose
June, Woodford
After having worked in a Beauty Salon for some time, I have always been interested in beauty products. I must admit I have probably tried almost every skin care product available – however I have never used one I love as much as Herbacraft’s facial soap. I use the pawpaw, carrot and orange mixture for …
Gypsy Rose
Cheryl, Mooloolaba
Since using Gypsy Rose shampoo I have noticed one big thing, that is I don’t seem to get many split ends anymore. Another benefit is that my hair always looks shiny and healthy looking. My hair using other shampoo products seems to get used to the shampoo and goes dull looking after a while. “Gypsy …
Gypsy Rose
Kim Woodford
I use no other shampoo! Cleans and shines without leaving hair oily. Provides body to my very straight and otherwise limp hair. Doesn’t leave a soap scum buildup in the shower. I use it on my Pomeranian dog, to keep her hair in good condition. I think the Rosemary help to keep pests out of …
Gypsy Rose
Suzanne – Elimbah
I have very sensitive skin and also get psoriasis on my scalp. Since I have been using Karen’s Herbacraft ‘Gypsy Rose’ Natural 2 in 1 shampoo, and Hair Shine Treatment, I have been able to keep the psoriasis under control. My hair is also looking great and shiny and healthy with body. I also use …
Gypsy Rose
Doris – Delany’s Creek
This natural ingredient shampoo has many qualities 1. Lovely herbal fresh fragrance 2. Softens my grey hair 3. Ease of use – only a small amount used each shampoo – cost effective 4. No need to condition – if conditioning is needed Hair Shine Treatment used as directed will calm ‘static’ in your hair especially in winter. …
Gypsy Rose
Deborah – Wamuran
I have had ‘white’ hair for a few years now. The biggest problem with having ‘white’ hair is keeping it white not yellow. I have over the years tried many products for this problem. It wasn’t until I began using Herbacraft “Gypsy Rose” Shampoo that a reliable solution was found. Yellowing is not a problem for …
Gypsy Rose
Patricia – Wamuran
Products used – All Natural 2 in 1 shampoo – Love It!! Hair soft and full after drying and manageable. “Gypsy Rose” soap – the pawpaw/carrot/orange soap in the winter, the almond/honey/cinnamon at other times. Has lasted me forever. If feeling slightly dry, then I use the “Gypsy Rose” Rosehip oil.
Gypsy Rose
Melanie – Delaney’s Creek
I discovered Gypsy Rose 2 in 1 Lavender shampoo via a hair appointment with Karen Ellis of Scissorcraft April 2000. It turned out to be the most important appointment of my life. The impact this Gypsy Rose product has had on our lives must be commended, as it has changed our family forever. In particular my …
Gypsy Rose
Patricia – Wamuran
I discovered Gypsy Rose 2 in 1 Lavender shampoo via a hair appointment with Karen Ellis of Scissorcraft April 2000. It turned out to be the most important appointment of my life. The impact this Gypsy Rose product has had on our lives must be commended, as it has changed our family forever. In particular my 7 …
Gypsy Rose
Rod & Andrea – Wamuran
My husband and I have been using “Gypsy Rose” products for over 2 years. It is an excellent product – it cleans the hair without stripping – leaves it shiny and full of bounce without the addition of conditioners, leave in treatments etc. I find my hair to be more balanced and does not need …
Gypsy Rose
Great products and great people, founder Karen is the best ?
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